About Isabelle

High School Teacher by day, I teach family and consumer sciences (formerly Home Economics),  which this year includes Parenting and Strong Families, Fashion I/II, Personal Finance, Nutrition and Food Prep. I have also taught Relationships and Housing/Interior Design. So, basically the classes  where when you sat in school and asked, “when am I ever gonna need to know this?” the answer is “EVERYDAY!!”

Ever since high school, I’ve wanted to be a writer. Although I’ve dabbled in it over the years, I’ve treated it more as a hobby than a viable career goal. About three years ago, I decided to get serious and finished a series I’d been working on. In July, I submitted the first book to Harlequin. As of yet, it’s still “received.”  But, we’ll see.

I have an awesome family (mom, sister, brother-in-law, one nephew, and two nieces), the best friends in the world, and a career that has been and continues to be fulfilling. Hopefully, one day very soon, I can add published author to my employment status!! In the meantime, I’ll continue writing “my stories,” lesson plans, and blogs.